About Us

Our Story

Gael-Champa was founded in 2008 out of a need to provide a sports camp for children through the medium of Irish. Because children in primary schools are too young to attend summer courses in Gaeltacht areas, Gael-Champa provides the same cultural, sporting and educational activities locally in a fun and friendly environment. Unlike other Irish summer courses which have 3 hours of formal classes every day, Gael-Champa places emphasis on spoken Irish and learning the language through fun activities like sport, music, drama and art, without any formal classes.

Our main objective is to foster positive attitudes among children towards the Irish language and our cultural heritage.

Our Camp

The camp has qualified teachers on hand with specific skills in the areas mentioned, so the child will increase his/her use of oral Irish in a safe, fun and friendly environment. There will also be student assistants with competent Irish.

The Kids

The children will be divided into groups according to age. There will be a wide range of activities during the course. Children will have two supervised breaks during the day. They must bring a packed lunch and drink.